Installation Manual ADA Truncated Dome Pad , Cast in place

  1. Maintaining a 4-7 slump range, pour and float the concrete.

  2. Without removing any concrete, place the tile on the curb ramp 6"-8" from the curb line (face of curb).

  3. Tamp the tile in grid pattern across the top face, embedding the tile into the concrete using a white or (non-marring) rubber mallet or vibrate into place using a vibrating mechanism fixed with a soft base such as wood, at least 1 foot square.

  4. Place two cinder blocks or 25lb weights on the tile to prevent floating.

  5.  Create an edge around the perimeter of the tile using a 3/8" radius edging tool then float the concrete around the tile’s perimeter using a steel trowel.

  6. Apply a broom-finish to the curb ramp.

  7. After the concrete has substantially cured, remove the protective plastic wrap by cutting the plastic with a sharp knife tight to the concrete/tile interface.

  8. If concrete bled under the plastic, a soft wire brush will clean the residue without damage to the tile surface.