ADA Compliant All Gender Restroom 12” Round/Triangle Door Sign Accessible Pictogram ,SignOptima™️

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This ADA Compliant All Gender Restroom 12" Door Sign is a professionally made to meet regulatory requirements with a modern and uniform look . CA requires geometric door sign in addition to a wall sign for each restroom . The symbol of Round/Triangle represent All Gender and is used for single-user restrooms.
Our Restroom Signs are designed to meet ADA requirements and building code. 
  • ADA Compliant All Gender Restroom Door Sign

  • 1/4"+1/4" thick  ,12" Round Door Sign

  • 1/32" Raised Letters and Pictograms

  • Matte Surface finish for better visibility

  • 3M VHB Tape for Installation

State regulations require restroom doors to be equipped with sign that meets ADA requirements. This CA compliant restroom sign is designed to these specifications and must accompany a wall sign with Braille and tactile characters, in line with ADA codes.

ADA Compliant signs follow ADA guidelines and are designed to meet the requirements. Pictograms/letterings are raised 1/32” with appropriate height , strike ratios, & spacings. Signs are non-glare matte surface finish which complies with ADA standards. SignOptima™️  is a trusted brand and manufacturer of ADA Compliant , Architectural, and commercial signs.

1- Plastic Signs are made by injection molding and are known as economy series. These signs have the classic looks,  in stock at an unbeatable wholesale rate.

2-Acrylic Signs are laser cut, custom made to projects plans and made of best signage material. They have the advantage of being fully customizable and better quality. ADA Compliant Acrylic Signs are made of non-glare  1/8” or 1/4” laser pieces and assembled using 3M adhesives.

B2B , Quantity Discounts are available upon request.

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