Installation Manual for ADA Truncated dome tiles - Surface Applied

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  1. Place the tile on the designated location and trace the perimeter with a thin permanent marker.
  2. Set the tile aside and using a 4” diamond cup grinder, scour the concrete within the marked location and on a cross pattern corresponding with the boss on the backside of the tile to remove any dirt or foreign material. (Not recommended for asphalt surfaces).
  3. Clear away the dust with a leaf blower then clean the back of the tile and the concrete with rag soaked in Acetone.
  4. Apply the entire tube of adhesive (Tactile Bond & Seal) to the back of the tile following the perimeter and cross pattern The first bead should be applied thin, 3⁄4” from the perimeter edge and a second bead applied 1” inside of the first. Extra adhesive can be applied to each corner should extra adhesive (Tactile Bond & Seal) be available.
  5. Set the tile true and square to the curb ramp and press down firmly.
  6. Keeping weight on either side of the pilot hole, drill down 3 1⁄2” into the concrete using a hammer drill and the recommend diameter drill bit. Drill through the tile without the hammer option until the tile has been penetrated, then with the hammer option drill into the concrete.
  7. While still applying pressure, remove the dust and any adhesive that surfaces and carefully set the mechanical fastener with a hammer. To prevent damage to the tile, a plastic dead blow or leather hammer is recommended. Repeat 6 & 7.
  8. Clean the perimeter of the tile and the immediate surrounding concrete with Acetone making sure to remove any adhesive that has escaped from beneath the tile.
  9. Mask the edge of the tile and the concrete leaving a 1⁄2” gap back from the tile’s perimeter edge.
  10.  Apply the perimeter sealant (Tactile Bond & Seal).
  11. Using a plastic applicator or spatula smooth out the sealant (Tactile Bond & Seal) in a cove profile between the tile and adjacent concrete.

ADA Truncated dome tile installation guide

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