ADA Restroom Sign

All Toilet and Bathing Facilities provided must be accessible ,except portable units(5% minimum) and single user toilet rooms clustered at one location (no more than 50% for each use are required to comply)

While Federal ADA regulations require only one sign to identify each restroom open to the public, California requires two signs.

Men's restrooms are identified by 1/4" thick equilateral triangle with 12" long edges and the vertex pointing up.

Women's restroom are identified by 1/4" thick circle with 12" diameter.

Unisex restrooms are identified by the designated 12" circle with the designated 12" triangle superimposed upon it.

Though permitted and often included, there is no requirements for providing gender pictograms or the ISA on the geometric sign. The inclusion of these additional features is open to interpretation by local code officials who should be consulted for a final determination.

California does not allow Braille to be on a restroom door sign, most other states have no such restrictions

Sign Location and Installation: