SignOptima™️ ADA Compliant Custom Sign 6"x4"

  • $34.00

Add your own Text to this 6"x6" Acrylic Sign
Braille with Same text will be added 0.375"-0.5" below the text.


Customize your own ADA Compliant Sign. 

On 1/8" Thick Non-Glare Acrylic with 1/32" Raised Letters

ADA Compliant signs follow ADA guidelines and are designed to meet the requirements. Pictograms/letterings are raised 1/32” with appropriate height , strike ratios, & spacings. Signs are non-glare matte surface finish and include type || braille (Californian Braille) which complies with ADA standards. SignOptima ™️ is a trusted brand and manufacturer of ADA Compliant , Architectural, and commercial signs.

Acrylic Signs are laser cut, custom made to projects plans and made of UV Resistance Cast Acrylic and Rowmark ADA Grade Material, assembled by 3M adhesives.

Simply add your text into the box or email us for large quantity orders.We offer B2B and quantity discounts. We can help design your signs from your projects drawing and deliver it to you in the shortest possible time.

Quality and work is guaranteed by 30 days return policy.

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